Need voice-over for your advert? Narration for your audiobook? A voice actor for your audio drama, game or animation? I’ve got you covered.

  • Full audiobook production, including narration, editing and mastering.
  • Audiobook narration.
  • Audio editing.
  • Audio mastering.
  • Voice over for any project such as film, TV, documentary, adverts and more.
  • Voice acting for full cast or one man audio plays/audio dramas.
  • Voice acting for animation and video games.
  • Full podcast production, including presenting, editing and mastering.
  • Podcast narration.
  • Business voicemail greetings (and setting up your business Skype account)
  • Bespoke terrifying horror ‘Crisis Sounds’.

Go ahead and contact me for a quote or to discover what other services I offer.