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Characters Demo

Perfect for your video games, animation, film and more.

Commercial Demo

Ideal for your radio/TV ads, movie/video game trailers, infomercials and more.

Fun Young Adult, Yorkshire – TV Advert

Bathtimes on Nick Jr. are Sponsored by Johnson’s advert shown several times daily on Nick Jr. I also provided two other voice-overs for similar adverts on Nirk Jr. Too and Nick Jr. Peppa.

Nostalgic Storyteller – Video game trailer

Performance notes: For the upcoming video game Life with Giants.

Two Characters – Web infomercial

Performance notes: Two seperate characters I voice for Nesta, as part of their programme with the Health Foundation, enabling people to take an active role in their own health and care.

Realising the Value from Nesta UK on Vimeo.

First Person, Exciting Escape – Autobiography

From the chapter Moving Wards in the autobiography audiobook A Journey into Madness by Alistair McIntyre.

First Person Southern American, Dramatic & Doomed – Fiction

The final passage from Richard Matheson’s I Am Legend, conveying the desperation and of the character’s predicament.

Cockney, Multiple Characters w/ Narration – Fiction

Multiple characters both male and female. Different social standings and jobs are reflected in nuanced differences in cockney accents. From Broken Meats: A Harry Stubbs Adventure by David Hambling.

Upper Class British, Knowledgeable & Engaging – Factual

Narration of the column Necronomicon Cinematica, a monthly column in the Irish cultural journal Insert Title, written by myself. It looks at the social aspects of the 1979 film Driller Killer.

Ominous & Threatening – Religious

The legendary ‘666’ passage from the Bible, recognised in iconic works from The Omen to The Number of The Beast.


The poem Cycles of Life from the poetry section of the audiobook A Journey into Madness by Alistair McIntyre.