kE8ZkrWe_400x400“RJ has provided voiceover content for our eLearning software for the last year. His professionalism, attention-to-detail and friendly approach – along with the undoubted quality of his work – mean we have found working with RJ a real pleasure.”


18034029_758078577703452_8529949370973914572_n“I was going to make this all professional, but I can’t… YOU BEAUTIFUL F*CKER YOU!!…
…Once again YOU BEAUTIFUL F*CKER!!!!

~ Steve Taylor-Bryant, Co-Owner, DreamCage Media Group


“DreamCage Media Group, on behalf of Blurbinfo, recently commissioned RJ Bayley to perform, produce and do the sound design for an upcoming audiobook for indie sci-fi author Kneel Downe. The writing that we wanted turned into an audiobook required a lot more than just straight narration and RJ really stepped up to the mark.

Not only did he provide all the character voices with great creativity but also developed an immersive and atmospheric sound design that made the audio so much more than “just a reading”. Kneel Downe has said that the main character voice was “very close to how he ‘speaks’ to me” which shows how much RJ understood the source material and ran with it but he also took on board the minimal guidance that we gave him to produce something that we all love. RJs turnaround time was also incredibly quick and to the highest quality, with our change requests to the draft being actioned same day.

You may think that quality like this is well out of the price-range of independent authors but his pricing is highly affordable, especially for the quality product that we got at the end of it, and we have lined up several more projects for him to undertake in the future.

I would not hesitate in recommending his voiceover and audio services to anybody looking for quality creativity to enhance and give a new platform to their own work.”

~ Susan Omand, Co-Owner, DreamCage Media Group


“I recently put Rob forward for the voice-over for a Nickelodeon sponsorship campaign and they used his voice. I know that Rob can do other accents and voices with gravitas but what the client wanted was an upbeat friendly voice with a home-spun Yorkshire twang – and he delivered.”

~ David Chaudoir, Director

Life with Giants game video logo“Thank you friend, that’s exactly what we need. Faster, smart and high quality, professional, can’t wait to work with you again.”

~ Convex One, video game sound designers

nesta-logo“RJ went above and beyond from the outset of the project to completion: from a personalised sample of his work, an extremely speedy turnaround time, extra takes and great communication throughout. He understood the brief and provided a fantastic recording with the emotion and natural tone that we needed for the project. Would highly recommend his work. Thanks RJ!”

~ Louise, Nesta

Warper: Origins Cover“I can’t thank RJ enough for the time, effort, and professionalism he delivered while working on my project. The voiceover work he provided was superb, and he was fantastic all the way. If I had an issue with how something sounded (which was VERY rare), he fixed it immediately. The series is expected to range anywhere from three to nine separate novels, and I intend to have RJ there every step of the way, giving a voice to the world I’ve created.”

~ Riley Tune, author – Warper series

I have nothing but praise for RJ Bayley! I was more than pleased with his treatment of my paranormal romance novel Life in Moonlight. It was like my characters jumped off the page and were speaking. That feeling was amazing. It was breathtaking!! He is personable and kept in contact with me the entire time. If he needed clarity on the script, he didn’t hesitate to ask. He worked extremely hard on making the project the best it could be. I could sit here all night telling you why you should engage Mr. Bayley for your project, but I wouldn’t do justice to his talent, professionalism, and enthusiasm. I’m glad he’s agreed to do the second book in my series! No one else would do it justice!

~ Alison Beightol, author – The Primigenio Tales series

From the Depths Entertainment

“We greatly admire your tremendous work ethic and keep up the incredible work you do. It’s our honor to work with such a dedicated, hard working individual as yourself.”

~ Mike, From The Depths Entertainment


“I recently found out that RJ Bayley narrated books, as I had a few books that I had written I asked him if he could do this for me. He was more than happy to undertake this project. He sent me a sample of the first couple of chapters he had narrated so I could check if they met my approval (which they most certainly did) before continuing with the complete book. Once the book was completed he sent me the final copy and as I listened to it I found it gave my book new life and made it fresh and exciting. I have now submitted it to my publisher so it can be made available as an audio book. I was so impressed I’ve asked RJ to narrate my other two books.”

~ Alistair McIntyre, author – A Journey into Madness, A Journey Out of Madness and A Real Job